Leveraging its more than 46 years of experience and expertise in hospitality for its guests and business partners, Elite World combines local and current trends and cutting-edge technology with the services it offers without compromising on quality to deliver a pleasant experience. Boasting international standards in their designs and the experience they deliver while embracing the local texture and culture, Elite World hotels introduce a new take on the Turkish hospitality, and consider offering their guest the comfort of their homes with the highest quality of services as the means to achieving healthy growth and success.

Iconic Elite World hotel buildings, designed to meet all the accommodation needs related to business, tourism and leisure, elegantly combine technology and comfort for an extraordinary stay experience. Guests coming from across Türkiye and around the world may enjoy the Elite World privilege in Istanbul, Sapanca, Marmaris and Van. Guests can enjoy delicious meals and fresh drinks prepared by famous chefs at Elite World’s registered bars and restaurants, The Grill, Coffee Company and One Bar, as well as having a peaceful stay with spacious and open-air areas in an environment designed to meet all the social distancing and hygiene requirements.

Without compromising on maximizing satisfaction, the management approach that renders Elite World quality accessible for all travel purposes and needs with brands, each more valuable than the other, serving in Luxe, Premium, Midscale and Economy categories.

The high-end Elite World Grand brand is among the most well-known and preferred prestigious brands in the Turkish hospitality industry. Elite World, the premium brand of Elite World Hotels, offers a portfolio of high-end hotels featuring unique designs. The Elite World Comfy brand, the newest addition to the Elite World Group in the mid-to-high-end segment, boasts an extremely modern and unique design aesthetic. Elite World Comfy Inn offers a home-like accommodation option in an affordable, comfortable and stylishly designed smart hotel concept.

Adopting a contemporary hospitality approach that maximizes guest loyalty and offers extraordinary opportunities to investors with their more than 1,200 employees, a total of eight Elite World Hotels located in Istanbul, Sapanca, Marmaris and Van offer an accommodation experience that puts quality first.

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