Whether you are interested in the Continent Hotels or one of any other brands of us, you can be assured that we will work with you as a true partner at every level.

We offer all the critical components you need in order to thrive in the up-market, mid-market and budget hotels.

From continuous and extensive field support, national and international advertising, Internet, website marketing, and so much more — Continent is behind you all the way.

Additionally, we are always looking for innovative new ways to make your franchise business even more profitable and rewarding.

Founded in 2003, Continent Worldwide Hotels is a hospitality management, franchiser, and hotel development company that aims to reinvent and optimize the way hotels operate.

With over 17 years of prodigious experience in the field, we have garnered a reputation for building hotel brands by expanding hotel assets, overlooking quality assurance and efficiently revamping hotel administration.

Now in over 7 countries across the globe, we collaborate with hotels to help unravel their true potential. Our “unique” approach works on maximizing revenue for owners and investors while keeping in mind quality and guest satisfaction.

With a strong foothold in the business, we strive tie-up with other stellar brands that share our vision to improve the hospitality sector for both investors and guests alike. A vision that will aid scaling great heights in the field of hospitality and hotel management.


  • We take over hotel under our management
  • We convert the hotel to one of our brands 
  • The hotel pays a Franchise License fee
  • We sign a management agreement with the hotel
  • A Management Agreement contains a base
    fee and a performance related fee structure
  • We appoint all key staff to the hotel and manage the hotel

We open to offers such as:

  • Partnering with 3rd party hotel management companies
  • Develop and Join Venture management with investors 
  • Operate a group of hotels with dual branding
  • Manage hotels with their original brand

If you want to become a Franchisor for one of the Continent Hotels Resorts, call us now.