DEDEMAN is the second most recognized hotel brand among more than 50 global hospitality brands in Turkey.

DEDEMAN has a highly professional business approach compared to other hotel operators thanks to the balanced portfolio of invested and leased hotels that complement its expertise in hotel management.

DEDEMAN has blended the world-renowned Turkish hospitality into all of its products and services.

DEDEMAN boasts a deep-rooted experience in operations and sales across Turkey and its neighboring region.

DEDEMAN has served as a veritable school of tourism for the past 45 years, training qualified and committed employees at its sector-leading hotels who continue their career in Turkey and the region. This high sense of loyalty among employees is another testimony to DEDEMAN’s quality and business approach.

DEDEMAN has a business accommodation capacity of around 450 thousand guests at 17 active hotels, enabled by more than 120 sales representatives specialized in corporate sales, through around 27 thousand organizations and companies as well as approximately eight thousand agents. Corporate sales representatives contact organizations and companies, and close deals on behalf of DEDEMAN Hotels through the Integrated Revenue Management System and the Cross-Selling Incentive Program

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